How do I embed Schoop alerts into our Website?

Here are 3 things that can be embedded.

There's just the alerts, which is embedded using a JS that support can provide you with. There's several options, because the alerts can be embedded by groups, so have a think what you need.

To get the embed code for alerts, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to Schoop Alerts.
  • Then Schoop feeds for websites.
  • Add new alert feed.
  • Select the groups, if it's going on the front page choose "ALL".
  • Language, ALL.
  • Choose how many alert message you want to display, 20 is good
  • Tick the Auto-fit the containing div: box.
  • Then "Preview Alerts feed and Save Changes".
  • Close down the preview box and then Copy the code into the website HTML.

We also have an RSS out for the public newsletters, and an iCAL for the public calendar.

iCal: ID


Hope that helps


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