How to use Forms

How to use Forms in Schoop

Go to the forms tab
Create a new form.
Title your form.
Choose the groups you would like it to go to.
Create your Schoop Alert. This is the message that will pop up on the screen for your users.

Within your form you will not need to ask for the parents name, email address or mobile number as we collect that ourselves.

It still shows up in the Reponses to the forms.

Now, create your form.

Ask your question. 

You can then put a little help text if you like, something like choose one option etc. If not just leave blank

There are a number of question types.



Text - just means a small amount of text, i.e. child's name, Class etc

Single choice means they can choose only 1 option from a number of different options.

Multiple means they can choose more than 1 option

Scale is asking for them choose a scale, good for surveys etc

Email and website- good for contact forms etc.

Ranking is good for first, second and third options.

Date picker, they can choose a date.

Signature means they can put their signature on the form via their device.

Child's name - DO NOT USE - This is what we use to add the child to the parents account. If you need help with this we can go over it with you, probably best over the phone.


The little tick box under each question "Is required" means they will need to answer that question before the form will submit. 

Not all questions will need this, but the majority probably will.



Save your form periodically. Just save but don't send.

Each time you save it the text in the text box disappears, to save again and to send your form, you will need to put new text in each time.


Once you have your questions ready you can save and preview, you will see the form as it appears on the screen.

Don't forget the text will disappear again with this.


Fill in the text box below explaining what the form is etc.

You may type directly, or copy and paste the text.

If you re using translation services with us, note* it will not translate any PDF's you put in.


Now once you've got your form ready here are the quirky bits below.

New forms will always be active. Any forms you wish to copy you will need to manually tick this box

Allow multiple responses - Allows parents to fill out a form more than one, say an absence form in the library.

Resend if not responded - The nag feature. Anyone who has not filled out the form will get a reminder until they do.

This will be up to 10 times max. It's not indefinite.

You can send up to a max of 10 times and you can choose how many days it goes out.

So, I usually do the max, but it depends how many days you have left to get the form filled out.

And you can choose if it goes out daily, every other day or once a week. Up to you.


Add schoop to the library - that will pop schoop in the library in the app.

So parent's can access if whenever they want. Something like an absence form.


Send response, this will send an email to the email address you put in here, saying the form has been filled out. This may save you having to go into Schoop all the time and seeing if it's been filled out.


You can set an expiry date and the form will automatically deactivate on that date. 


Allow anonymous responses - This is if you require an anonymous survey, or something like that.

It will take out the information we gather in our forms. Main users name, email address and phone number.


Any of the questions you ask will show up, so just a word of warning, don't ask anything that might identify that person within your questions. 

I know it sounds silly, but it has been overlooked before.


So you are now ready to send.


Check you have text in the alert box.

Then "save and send".

If you have saved it already then it will say

"save and resend"


I hope this helped, if not please get in touch with us.


Schoop support

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